Fractional Tech Executives + M&A Advisory

Four Ways We Can Work Together



Rent our expertise: CFO / CMO / COO / CRO

In somewhere between 3 and 18 month engagements, we’ll turn-around any struggling parts of your technology business, be they sales, lead generation, personnel, or profitability.

Often, clients are in a bind between plateaus and need high-dollar guidance at a fraction of the price. Before you hire a $250K lead to sit next to you and take on some of your burden, talk to us about hiring BigCyber in a fractional capacity.


Sell, or Prepare to Sell Your Tech/Software Business

Whether you’ve been approached by your biggest client about an acquihire or you just want to explore the possibilities of an eventual sale, we will help you prepare both formal and informal evaluations, give you a rundown of your options to sell or raise money, and outline places in your business that need tuneup in order to seek the highest valuation.

No matter your size, we know the market for companies like yours. Plus, we’ve been in your shoes.

4. become a bigcyber managed company

We run the ship while you… do something else!

If it’s just time to take a break or time to bring in new leadership, for select companies, we take over management duties long term and both create and share in the financial successes from growth, higher profit margins, and increased business valuations.

Whether you’re tired of doing it alone or you want to see us put the whole playbook in action, ask us about ‘going long’ and running your business with a sense of purpose.