Success Stories

$5M @ 12 Years

  • identified negative accounts and stopped projects from losing money

  • 83% increase in on-time deliverables to client

  • extended cashflow from 2 to 20 weeks

$10M @ 10 Years

  • acquihire growth strategy + comp plans

  • LOI creation & negotiation

  • business almost 2x since BC involvement

$2M @ 5 Years

  • identified and dropped unprofitable work

  • raised prices + moved to contract > hourly billing

  • untangled big IP problem holding back SaaS platform

$5M… @ 30 Years

  • transitioned leadership to younger generation; oversaw immediate sales increase

  • aligned product roadmap with business roadmap

  • fundraising documentation and M&A process for fully transitioning from a service-only to SaaS+services business

$3M @ 4 Years

  • proper cashflow management discipline = no more missed payroll

  • introduced sales accountability & discipline

  • developed clear roles for co-founders

$2M… @ 20 Years

  • repositioned broad offering (“we build software, need any?”) to targeted niche

  • reduced costs and focused marketing from “spend & hope” to concrete actions

  • SaaSified service business to fund SaaS product




Josh is a challenger in the best way. Not only in teaching how to challenge clients to think differently, but continuously challenging firms he advises to create unique value and position themselves to get compensated for it. I have seen Josh first hand help create a vision of who a firm wants to be and then instill the confidence to become it.
— Chris Manley, Partner @ Skookum

Josh gets you focused on the right priorities. Unbelievable help seeing the whole picture and landing new deals.
— Adam Roderick, Founder of Datateer

Josh knows our industry better than anyone we’ve ever met.
— Dan Rundle, CEO of Worthwhile

You want Josh in the room for inflection point decisions. He’s great at walking the tightrope between ‘big, ambitious ideas’ and ‘real, practical outcomes.’ Breaking into a new industry, scoping a strategic partnership, juggling M&A options... Josh will keep you honest, and help you set the right course.
— Pat Morrell, Founder of