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How does this end?

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So let’s create more profits and automate you out of the day-to-day.

Even if you never stop programming, eventually you’ll want to not have to be at the office everyday.

Worse, if you’re stuck in the owner-still-doing-sales trap, it will be hard for you to ever take a vacation, ever step away, or avoid burnout.



Lucky for you, selling your business ‘someday’ is the same as selling it ‘now,’ only you have more time to increase your valuation.

Plus, when you run your business as if it could be sold at anytime, you can better take advantage of opportunities.

Let’s make this business push-button.



Hey, at least you know what you want out of life.

Call us and we’ll talk about the market for your company, potential acquirers, and a valuation for your technology-making business.



About Us

BigCyber offers fractional CMO, CRO, COO & CFO services, executive consulting and M&A advice. We work exclusively with Software as a Service owners/management groups and technology services businesses such as dev shops, product studios, and software/hardware consulting agencies.

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Been there, done that guys.



Josh Oakhurst

In 2016, after Josh Oakhurst exited Skookum — a business he helped 10X in 5 years — Josh went into mergers and acquisition (M&A) advisory at a technology and IoT focused investment bank. There, he recognized that 99% of institutional capital didn’t care about ANY tech business under $20M in annual revenue and that investment bankers brought in to sell or raise money for these companies can’t and won’t help operational, sales, nor marketing problems.

Believing that small tech-services and SaaS companies were more valuable than the institutional market saw, Josh spun out of investment banking and co-created BigCyber.


At a glance

• Innovation Advisor to USDoT Secretary Anthony Foxx
• Programmer to owner and all roles in-between
• Sold seven-figure work in a t-shirt — ask him how (and why)




Dave Armstrong

Dave Armstrong helped hatch BigCyber while he was then a turn-around CFO at a series of tech services and SaaS businesses. A former dev-shop owner himself, Dave has enabled team growth through financial discipline and unparalleled cashflow management.

Josh and Dave have been friends a long time, are family men who know the pressures of running a growing technology business, and both have scars and surgeries from failed landing attempts while on bikes and boards.  


At a glance

• ‘Mr. Wolf’ of financial & M&A cleanup at numerous large and small tech companies
• Programmer to owner and all roles in-between
• SixSigma blackbelt — ask him how ZERO defect Jira can make you more money